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Health & Safety

We place great importance on the Health & Safety of our and our client’s employees in all areas of operation.

We investigate the individual risks associated with your site and address these during onsite training.

The company carefully adheres to the Health & Safety and Safety at Work Act of 1974 and is hopeful of full cooperation from all parties to ensure the highest standards are maintained.

With regard to all products on site we supply copies of Product Safety Data Sheets (in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act 1989) which are kept in the cleaners’ cupboard for everyone to see if needed.

Each location must provide a First Aid Service and comply with Health & Safety and Safety (First Aid) Regulations. 1987 Full complements of Method Statements / COSHH Data Sheets are available on request.

We are always looking to improve & keep up with the latest equipment, materials and training requirements for our staff. Working very closely with our suppliers enables us to find the correct materials for each individual job and provide any training required for these.

At the commencement of the contract we go through with both the client and our own employees an understanding of the spec, safe use of materials and the use of protective clothing, use of safety & warning signs, location of Fire Exits and evacuation procedure, COSSH Regulations and their understanding of Accident and Incident procedures.

The care and cleanliness of the cleaners’ cupboard and the supplies within is also required and checked on regularly with both our staff and that of the client.