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About Us

We have 17 years of experience which was built up in a partnership. Together we ran a very successful Window and General Cleaning Company which was achieved and maintained through providing a reliable, efficient yet cost effective service which grew at a steady pace.

All aspects of our contracted services included following strict policy procedures, health and safety, security, staffing and training.

2 years ago we chose to readdress the business and the way it was going. We are very good at what we do and take a great deal of pride in our work. So it was decided to stick at what we knew we were good at and keep it more local and therefore controllable and manageable.

We chose to stick at General/ Office Cleaningoffice cleaning 1

We asked prospective new clients before being fortunate enough to gain their contract, what had been the problem with their previous provider? So many people’s complaints when asked were simply that there was no continuity of staff, standards and a contact face. Obviously price came in to it as well.

We offer our service at a reasonable and very competitive rate – but there will always be someone cheaper.

We can offer you a free – no obligation quote with supplies included or not – such as each client requires.

We are fully insured in all aspects of Public and Employee Liability.

Although unable to ensure that the staff will always remain the same – we can ensure that we take a great deal of care in selecting and training our staff. We provide a regular (at least 1 x month) on site inspection to make sure that each client is happy with the level of service being supplied and also to make sure that our employees are also happy with their work. Having happy staff reflects in the performance that they will give.

Finally. We are always at the end of the phone. Being ‘local’ does mean that we can attend any enquiry almost immediately. We know our staff and will cover any sickness ourselves – so that you are never without cover. Another plus to being ‘local’ is that we do not stretch ourselves too thin.

We are friendly, approachable and like a laugh as many others do, but our ultimate aim is to provide you and any other prospective client with a professional service that we can be proud of. We will listen to you to ensure that we provide your specific requirements – but knowing that these can always change further down the line if required and requested.